How Membership Works

After you have made your first monthly subscription payment of US$ 9.95 (no long term contracts and you can cancel anytime), you will be taken to your Account Dashboard. From here you can manage your account and all activities to help you get the most out of your membership. From your Dashboard you can –
There are ten different Player levels, and all new sign ups start at Level 1 and work their way up through the ladder. After each win against an opponent who is on a higher Level to yourself, you will then automatically advance up one Level. Equally, if you lose a match, you will drop a level. The goal is to reach Level 10 (Championship Level) and stay there! You can only challenge those on a lower level to you, on the same level or one level higher. This avoids you being challenged by a complete beginner when you are sitting on a senior level.

You have three different options when you access your account –

Option 1

You can play against the system. Here you can set the level of difficulty and you can practice playing games against the system at any time that suits you.

Option 2

You can challenge another club member or a friend. Here you play a game against another opponent at a pre-agreed date and time.

Option 3

View games as a spectator. Here you can enter a game being played by other players and watch the game.
Your membership is unlimited, which means you can play as often as you like.
Within the club there is a Championship ladder. You can either choose to play socially and not seriously, or you can be a part of the Championship ladder that makes you part of our elite top players that compete against each other and other clubs. You can play for Cyber Chess Club and be a part of inter club challenges. Cyber Chess Club will arrange competitions against other chess clubs and you can help us endeavor to be the champion club!
You can become as involved as you wish, whether a casual social player or a serious club champion! Come on in and join us!